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Keep your insurance close, no matter how far you travel. Assurances Simon and Associates offers the best policy for you based on your destination, your personal needs, and the length of your stay.

Do you stay out of Canada for prolonged periods?

If you’re a Canadian resident traveling out of country for extended periods (but less than 365 days) our Emergency Medical Insurance will cover you for emergencies, including hospitalization, medication, ambulatory or dental care, and repatriation of remains. We also cover the return of an insured child or travel companion.

Do you take multiple trips each year?

If you travel out of Canada several times a year for short trips, our Annual Travel Insurance is the only policy you’ll need to travel out of country as often as you want throughout the year, including unlimited travel within Canada, other than your own province. You’re covered for most emergencies and don’t need to provide advance notice of your departure or return.

Do you want peace of mind with an all-inclusive coverage?

If you want to be covered for a full range of emergency medical needs plus trip cancellation, baggage, personal items, and trip interruption, our All-Inclusive Travel Insurance gives Canadian residents complete peace of mind while traveling.


If you’re a Canadian resident over 55 and spend the winter in warmer climates, our specialized policy covers you for a wide range of emergency medical needs, including paramedic and ambulatory services, private nursing, emergency air transport, transportation to bedside, and return of remains.

Non-Medical Travel Insurance

Canadian residents vacationing out of country for less than 365 days are covered for trip cancellation & interruption, baggage, personal items and some emergency medical needs.

Trip Cancellation and Interruption Insurance

Canadian residents vacationing out of country for less than 365 days are covered for

Clinique Santé Voyage, specialized in travel medicine
The Government of Canada’s website for Canadians travelling or living abroad