Commercial Liability Insurance

Liability Insurance

Accidents happen. Don’t let your business go under because of a costly lawsuit. You’ve invested so much energy into your business, it’s only right to protect it with Commercial Liability Insurance.

What is Commercial Liability Insurance?

Often referred to as Business Liability Insurance, Commercial Liability Insurance protects you and your business from the costs associated with claims of bodily or personal injuries, death, or property damage caused by your business operations or products.

In the event that you are sued for any of the above claims, Commercial Liability Insurance would provide financial coverage to:

● Cover legal costs needed to defend your business in court
● Financial coverage for the cost of settlements
● Indemnity costs to cover any damages to third parties
● Rectifying errors or faults that led to the claim

How does Commercial Liability Insurance protect my business in Quebec?

Your commercial liability insurance policy will protect your business in the event of:
● Bodily injury to employees
● Bodily injury to customers, vendors, and visitors
● Medical expenses from any injury
● Property damage
● Property loss
● Personal injury (libel, slander, privacy violations)

Commercial Liability Insurance Add-ons

Directors & Officers

Protects your business as well as its directors and officers from personal financial loss stemming from any allegations of wrongful acts or mismanagement.

These wrongful acts include, but are not limited to: breach of fiduciary duties, failure to comply with provincial or federal workplace safety laws, environmental practices, misrepresentation to shareholders, and employment practices.

This coverage will not only help protect your business but also encourage the retention of high-ranking, experienced board members and directors.


Protect your business with a Crime Insurance Add-on. It’s not fun to think about but there are many ways that crime can affect your business. Believe it or not, these incidents occur more often than not. Be prepared and protect your business no matter what!

Crime Insurance protects against fraudulent acts committed by an employee, depositors forgery, burglary, robbery, counterfeit money purchases, credit card fraud, debit card fraud, and more. This insurance will also cover the costs should a professional be required to assess the total amount of money lost due to the crime.

Errors & Omissions

Often referred to as professional liability insurance, errors and omissions liability insurance protects you in the event of errors, omissions, and negligence during your professional services. Legal fees would be covered under this policy, whether or not you’re considered liable for the infraction.

Don’t let one mistake be the end of your business and lead to personal financial hardship. Protect both your business and your personal assets with Errors & Omissions Insurance.

Umbrella Liability - Give your business the protection it deserves

Additional commercial liability insurance coverage, often referred to as “umbrella liability” goes the extra mile to protect your business against liability claims.

● Breach of contract
● Product recalls
● Liability stemming from the use of non-owned vehicles
● Errors and omissions in financial statements
● Tenants’ legal liability
● Allegations of discriminations


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