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Motorcycle Insurance Quebec

Whether you own a motorcycle or a scooter, we will help you navigate the complexities of choosing a good motorcycle insurance plan for your specific needs. Even better? We’ll make sure your motorcycle/scooter insurance plan is affordable!

I need motorcycle insurance. What coverages do I need for my motorcycle insurance?

Shopping for motorcycle insurance doesn’t need to be complicated. We’ve broken down the mandatory and optional motorcycle insurance coverages for you! Even better? Let our insurance brokers do all the research for you!
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Motorcycle Insurance Inclusions

Civil Liability is mandatory for all driver’s in Quebec, including motorcycle drivers.

Damage Insurance covers damage caused to your motorcycle. Different insurance policies will give you the following options:
1. Comprehensive Motorcycle Damage Insurance covers damage to your motorcycle and to any equipment/accessories due to any type of risk.
2. Motorcycle Collision Insurance otherwise known as “collision or upset” covers damage to your motorcycle/equipment/accessories in the event of a collision/overturning.
3. Perils other than collision or upset covers damages to your motorcycle/equipment/accessories caused by events such as fire, hail, and theft.
4. Specified peril motorcycle insurance will only cover your motorcycle against risks specifically outlined in the policy.

Recommended Motorcycle Insurance Add-Ons

Waiver of depreciation allows you to choose a waiver of depreciation (up to 4 years), ensuring that you recoup your money after an accident.

Travel expenses can also be added to your motorcycle insurance. This covers the cost of vehicle rentals, taxis, and public transportation if a covered risk prevents you from riding your motorcycle or scooter.

$0 deductible allows you to walk away from an accident without having to pay one cent in deductibles! Unplanned expenses can derail anyone’s budget. $0 deductible prevents this!


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