Get Non-Standard Home Insurance in Quebec

Non-Standard Property Insurance

Do you need non-standard home insurance for a high risk home? Let the team at Assurances Simon find you the perfect policy that won’t break the bank!

Who needs non-standard property insurance?

Non-standard property insurance is designed for properties that are considered too high risk for standard insurance premiums. What type of properties usually need non-standard property insurance?

● Homes with thatched roofs
● Heritage buildings
● Vacant properties (residential and commercial)
● Short-term rental properties (AirBnb, etc.)
● Properties at risk of subsidence
● Properties at risk of flooding
● Properties with COPE issues (construction, occupancy, protection, exposure)
● Owners with previously cancelled insurance policies
● Owners with open claims
● Properties undergoing renovations
● Seasonal dwellings
● Vacation homes
● Homes with timber walls
● Buildings with high risk (high hazard) tenants
● New restaurants
● Bars
● Taverns
● Banquet halls
● And more!

This is only a short recap of buildings and properties that typically need non-standard property insurance. Do you want to know if your building is considered high risk? Call us today and speak with an agent specialised in non-standard properties.

Is non-standard home insurance more expensive than normal home insurance?

Yes, non-standard home insurance premiums tend to be higher than standard home insurance premiums. That being said, there is no reason to go broke because of your insurance. Assurances Simon works with the best insurance companies in the country. This allows us to find the perfect policy for your home; a policy that gives you adequate coverage and, most importantly, won’t be too expensive.

Tired of arguing with insurance companies? We will always be on your side!

As your insurance broker, we are here to fight for you and help negotiate with insurance companies in the event of a claim. We understand that not many people like speaking with claims adjusters. Thankfully, we’ve got the experience and know-how to make the claim-filing process as seamless as possible.

Why are non-standard properties more expensive to ensure?

1. Non-standard building materials like thatched roofs need ongoing maintenance compared to standard shingled roofs.
2. Many non-standard buildings require specialist tradespeople to work on them. This is often the case for heritage buildings like churches.
3. The cost of building materials on non-standard buildings are often higher than standard buildings.
4. The rebuilding/repairing process takes longer. This increases labour costs, especially if specialist labour is needed.


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