Protect what’s important to you with RV,
Motorhome, and Trailer Insurance


We live in a beautiful country. A motorhome or trailers allows you to see every corner of our country without sacrificing your creature comforts. Explore new places with confidence knowing that your recreational vehicle is fully insured.

Full coverage for your motorhome or trailer

Insurance plans for Class A, B, and C motorhomes.

Stationary Trailers
Full protection for your permanently parked trailer!

Towed Trailers
Including tent trailers, horse trailers, toy haulers, and fifth wheels.

RV Insurance Coverage

Civil Liability

Everyone who owns a motor vehicle, including recreational vehicles, in Quebec must have third party liability coverage.

RV Damage Insurance

Choose from three types of RV damage insurance.

1. All perils insurance will cover damage to your RV (along with equipment and accessories) in the event of risks.
2. Collision or upset insurance covers your RV/equipment/accessories in the event of a collision or rollover.
3. Perils other than collision or upset insurance will cover damage to your RV caused by perils specifically mentioned in your policy.

Add-on: Replacement Value

Don’t let one accident ruin your investment. Protect yourself against the depreciation of your recreational vehicle for up to 10 years.

Are you a Quebec resident who resides in their RV full time?

We work with the top insurance companies in the country to provide you with the comprehensive coverage you need. If you don’t have a permanent address and live in your RV full-time, we’ve got an insurance plan for you.

Can you get standard property coverages for stationary trailers in Quebec?

Yes! Our insurance brokers will get to know your specific needs and offer you the right protection for your trailer. We will source an insurance policy for your stationary trailer that has standard property coverages including:
1. Personal property in your trailer
2. Theft and vandalism
3. Sudden, accidental leaks and water damage
4. Depreciation coverage
5. Detached private structures

All Your Quebec Insurance Under One Roof


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